Top 3 Instagram Problems on iOS 11 and How to Fix Them Quickly

Recently, many people posted on Twitter, other social platforms and website forums, complaining of various Instagram problems. The most common issues are these 3: cannot log into Instagram account on iPhone/iPad, Instagram notifications not working in iOS 11 and Instagram crashing when I open it or upload video/photo. In this blog, we’re going to list the corresponding solutions to fix Instagram bugs on iPhone X/8/7/SE/6 Plus/5s/4, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 11.0/11.1/11.2 effectively. This also applies to iOS 9/10 system.

1. How to Fix Instagram Login Problems on iPhone/iPad

When you logged out of Instagram account on your iPhone, the first thing you need to do is re-type your username and password to try again. If that doesn’t help, you can try to reset the password via linked email account. You can also choose to send an SMS or login Instagram with your Facebook.

2. How to Fix Instagram Notifications Not Working in iOS 11

Instagram notification failure is one of the most common Instagram problems that happens after iOS 11 update. Here we’ve gathered 4 ways to resolve the problem.

Way 1: Turn on Instagram Notifications in Settings.

Go to “Settings” >> “Notifications” >> “Instagram” >> “Allow Notifications”.


Way 2: Reset Network Settings

Go to “Settings” >> “General” >> “Reset” >> “Reset Network Settings” and confirm it.

Way 3: Disable “Do Not Disturb”

Go to “Settings” >> “Do Not Disturb” >> tap on it to disable.


Way 4: Reinstall Instagram

If there is no Instagram option in Notifications of the settings on your iPhone, you can reinstall Instagram. After re-installing the app, you’ll get the pop-up message asking if allow Instagram notifications, tap “Allow” and you’ll enable Notifications for Instagram.

3. How to Fix Instagram Crashing on iOS 11 Devices

Instagram kept crashing when opening the app or uploading photo/video on iPhone/iPad with iOS 11.0/11.1/11.2? You can try a hard reboot on your iPhone, which will end all the background running apps and release a lot of caches.

Force restart your iPhone:


If your home button or volume button doesn’t work, you can try Free ReiBoot, click “Enter Recovery Mode”, and then click “Exit Recovery Mode” to reboot your iPhone/iPad forcibly.


This blog has shown you the best methods to solve the most frequently asked Instagram issues. Hope you can share your photos and watch your favorite Instagram stories after getting these issues fixed. Any further problems, please just feel free to leave your valuable comment below.





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