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How to Transfer Your iTunes Library from PC to PC

iTunes is the most popular media players to iPhone, iPad and iPod users, for it does a pretty job of organizing all the music, photos, videos, and more. However, some users complain that if it is not because it’s the gateway into iOS-based device, I would not use it. If you are not using iTunes frequently, it is hard to grasp the ins and outs of Apple’s media app. The worse, it’s likely you’re not familiar with all the little tricks that will make your life with iTunes easier even if you use iTunes every day. And today we are focus on one of the hot tricks-how to transfer iTunes library.

Your iTunes library is too big that it almost beyond the range your hard drive can withstand, or you buy a new laptop that need to transfer the iTunes library from the old computer to new computer, or you need to install system that you must transfer iTunes library etc. If you don’t wants to lose your playlists, play counts, ratings, and other stuff that iTunes keeps in its databases, continue reading to find how to transfer itunes library from pc to pc.

1. Insert DVD, CD, or USB flash drive into the computer which you want to transfer iTunes library. Once the computer has recognized your external equipment, a window will pop-up, click it to open your CD, DVD or USB flash drive.

2. Locate the Music folder on your computer.
Windows user, follow: Start Menu > Username > Music
Mac user, follow: Finder > Home Folder > Music

3. Choose the whole music folder or the part of data, and drag them to the CD, DVD, or USB flash drive. Once the files have copied, you should rename them to make it easier to find it.
For Windows user: Start Menu > Computer > CD Drive or USB Port.
For Mac user: Icon on the desktop
This step spends you few minutes. Eject the CD, DVD, or flash drive once finished the copy process.


4. Insert the CD, DVD, or USB flash drive into the target computer and open iTunes. In the iTunes menu, under File choose Add to Library.

5. Click the folder labeled Music in the dialog box and click Select Folder or Choose. Rename the folder if you already had music files on the computer. In the end, import all the files to iTunes, you have finished transferring iTunes library to new computer.

Another tip for iTunes
Backup is one of the important features of iTunes, and the iTunes backup is a type of files that cannot view or edit.  Once you lost or deleted data from iPhone, iPad and iPod, only if you have made a backup with iTunes before, the lost files still can be recovered.  Learn how to recover contacts, photos, notes and other files from iTunes backup, click: iTunes Data Recovery.