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iPhone Data Recovery without iTunes Backup-Options to Recover Your Personal Data from iPhone

On my iPhone 4S, I accidentally deleted some important contacts that I need so hardly. I am SO upset over this. The issue is that I haven’t synced the phone or backed it up on iTunes in a while… Is there ANY way to recover iphone data without backup? I am so devastated but there HAS to be a way!

If you are one of billions of iPhone fans, then you may probably encountered losing files on your iPhone for some reasons. Actually no notice is served prior to the situation when you lose your valuable files on your iPhone. So, experts always recommend back up all your personal data to a safe place to prevent from data loss situations. But either due to ignorance or hectic office schedule people generally forget to backup the things that really mean to them and pay the price at the end when their data gets lost. But, there is nothing to worry about this. To deal with such situations, iPhone data recovery software tool is available by using which they can easily retrieve their lost, formatted, deleted data from iPhone in a couple of mouse clicks. There are options to recover data from iPhone easily.

1. Free Data Recovery for iPhone from an iTunes Backup
2. iTunes Data Recovery from the Computer the Phone Synced to
3. iPhone Data Recovery without iTunes Backup by Using iPhone Data Recovery Software Tool

iPhone Data Recovery without iTunes Backup

Option 1. Free Data Recovery for iPhone from an iTunes Backup
With a previous backup file from iTunes, you can restore your lost, deleted or formatted data from iPhone easily. You have either ever actived an iCloud account or created a backup for your iPhone with iTunes, there must be definitely a previous backup file by which you can easily restore from. But without a backup, the best and only way is to count on 3rd party iPhone data recovery software tool.

Option 2. iTunes Data Recovery from the Computer the Phone Synced to
You may not know that whenever you sync you iPhone to iTunes on a computer, it will be a backup file automatically saved and updated along with your later sync. So, you can get your backed up personal data back when data loss happens. But, you cannot see the backup file or take out the content from it. For that reason, you need an iTunes data recovery software tool to extract the content on the iTunes backup file. It will scan the backup file and extract your lost files. So, find a good iTunes data recovery software to perform data recovery for iPhone.

Option 3. iPhone Data Recovery without iTunes Backup by Using iPhone Data Recovery Software Tool
What if you don’t have any backup on iTunes and haven’t synced your phone to iTunes yet, how to recover iPhone data without iTunes backup? Then your last shot is to use an iPhone Data Recovery software tool to recover personal data you lost or deleted directly from your iPhone. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is one of recommendations from CNET.com. It will scan you iPhone deeply and find your lost files. It is very easy to use and you can operate it without any extra technical skills or computer knowledge. With the help of this program, you can perform any data recovery for iPhone without iTunes backup easily. You may give it a shot!

If you have also been through the iPhone data loss situation and have lost your personal data from iPhone then there is nothing to worry because the above iPhone data recovery options can help you get rid of data loss issues.

iTunes Data Recovery Software – Help You Recover iPhone, iPad and iPod Files

Have you ever experienced that you got your iPhone 4s, iPad mini or iPod Touch stolen, lost or broken badly? And you have so much stuff on the OS devices that you do not want to lose and you want to get them back. Or you might have do such thing. Your phone is fine but you just deleted some amazing photos, videos, important messages, contacts by mistake and you didn’t create any backup for your data or so. So, you are wondering is there any ways to undelete or recovere your personal data that you deleted or lost?

Have you ever heard of the concept that if you don’t have a backup made by iTunes or iCloud, there is no way to recover your lost or deleted personal data once deleted them off your iPhone, iPad or iPod or your iOS devices are lost, broken or stolen? Leave that concept alone! Even if you don’t have any backup for your files, you can get them back so long as you have synced them with iTunes on a computer.

First of all, it’s true that if you have made a backup for all your iPhone, iPad and iPod data on iTunes and iCloud, you are able to restore from the backup to get your files back after they are accidentally deleted or lost somehow. It works just like System Restore on your Windows OS or Time Machine for Mac OS X.

Unfortunately, there is little things you can do to retrieve your lost or deleted files without some specific recovery software if your have no backup for your important stuff.
iTunes Data RecoveryWhy is Possible for iTunes Data Recovery?
Actually, each time you sync the iPhone, iPod, iPad to iTunes, all the previous data will be backed up by iTunes automatically immediately and saved as (.sqlitedb) files on the computer. What’s more, those backup files will be updated along with the later sync automatically. So, do not connect your iOS devices to your computer after data loss. In terms of the backup files, they are different from ther other file types like word documents, excel files, the contents of the backup files can’t be viewed or exported. But there are still some tricks to extract the backup files. That’s what iTunes data recovery software is designed for, which use advanced algorithms to extract contents from the backup files and restore data from iPhone, iPad and iPod. Here are recommend you two iTunes data recovery software that works on Windows and Mac machines.

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery – for Windows Computer Users to Recover iPhone, iPad, iPod Data
Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery can recover pictures, text messages, call history, video memos, notes, calendars, even Safari bookmarks. It has 2 recovery modes designed to meet all data loss scenarios of your iPad, iPhone and iPod. The “Recover from iOS Device” mode lets you scan your iOS devices directly to find data deleted or lost somehow. The “Recover from iTunes Backup” mode can help you restore previous data by extracting iTunes backup in seconds.
iTunes data recoveryiTunes Data Recovery for Mac – for Mac Machine Users to Extract iPhone, iPad and iPod Data from iTunes Backup File
iTunes Data Recovery for Mac software enables to recover all iTunes files, including those synced from iPad, iPhone and iPod, extract all your backed-up photos, videos and music files and recover contacts and SMS messages, and recover non-media files like notes, calendars and call records. It is not necessary to have your iPad, iPhone or iPod connected to the computer to recover data because it simply finds the iTunes backup of your previously synced iOS devices and extracts it in a few mouse clicks.

You may choose the right iTunes data recovery software to recover data from iPhone, iPad and iPod with ease according to your own needs. Hope I help. If you have any problem about iTunes data recovery, you may leave a comment below, I will reply ASAP.