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How to Recover iPhone Data from Recovery Mode

When it is not the first time your iPhone got stuck in recovery mode, you may feel panic because you know that all the data in iPhone are likely to lose after getting out of recovery mode.  At this time, the idea of backing up iPhone data in recovery mode should sprang up in most people’s mind. Well, I regret to tell you that it’s impossible.

But don’t give up, saving the data from the iPhone which gone into recovery mode unintentionally, you have two great choices:

Choice 1: Use Reiboot, the free tool helps to get iPhone out of recovery mode without data loss.

Reiboot is designed to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode as well as put iPhone into recovery, fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo, reboot loop, white logo. This program is super easy to use. There are just two buttons on this program: “Enter Recovery Mode” and “Exit Recovery Mode” (See the photo below)
reiboot to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode
And of course, to get out of recovery mode, just click “Exit Recovery Mode” button and wait the iPhone back to normal.  Keep in mind that, don’t disconnect your iPhone before the process is done, or it would failed.

This tool won’t do any bad for the iPhone data and 100% sure that all the data still exit in iPhone.

Choice 2: Use iPhone Data Recovery tool to recover iPhone data lost on recovery mode.

If this is the first time your iPhone stuck in recovery mode, you probably don’t know your data would lose, and you don’t know the Reiboot tool, then you have to try the data recovery tool to do remediation.

The recovery process is simple and streamlined. Just free download the iPhone data recovery for Windows or Mac, then scan your iPhone (Supports all the iPhones including iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS) to find your lost data.

This tool provides three ways to recover iPhone data after stuck on recovery mode. The former two methods are iTunes, iCloud, and the last method is from iPhone directly.  All of the three ways are extremely easy to navigate through the lost photos, text messages, contacts, notes, call history etc. and find the exact ones you wish to restore. Read More!

How to Recover Data from a Dead iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS

This guide will walk you through how to recover photos, contacts, text messages and more files from a death iPhone that it’s not turning on now.

recover data from dead iPhone

When the iPhone is completely died, that’s mean iPhone cannot be connected to computer, in other word, you can’t get back data from the dead iPhone straightway. At this point, iPhone backup is the data saver.

Apple add the ability to backup iPhone data to iTunes and iCloud, but both of them need a normal iPhone to restore backup files, according to Apple. Don’t disappoint, there are still some ways help to restore iTunes and iCloud without backup. You’ll need an iPhone Backup Extractor which able to extract any files from backup and save the files on computer. Next, we’ll show you how to perform dead iPhone data recovery with iPhone Backup Extractor.

Part 1: Recover Data from Dead iPhone through iTunes Backup

Turn on the computer which your previous iTunes backup files stored, then download the iPhone Backup Extractor and install it.

Launch program and switch to “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” mode. Generally speaking, this program will scan all the backup files automatically, if the backup file you need isn’t displayed, please click “Import Backup File>>” to find it manually. Moreover, you also can recover the deleted iTunes backup files.

recover data from dead iPhone with iTunes

Select the backup file you last created and click “Start Scan” button to scan all the files. When the scan is completed, just view all the data on backup file and select the file you need or select all, then click “Recover” button to save them on computer.

Part 2: Restore Data from Dead iPhone via iCloud Backup

In this part, we still need the iPhone Backup Extractor introduced above.

Switch to the next recovery mode- “Recover Data from iCloud Backup File” -> Enter Apple ID and Password or use “Software Access” -> Click the iCloud backup file need to extract data click “Next “ to download -> preview and recover data from iCloud and save the recovery files on PC.

Statement: this program won’t record your Apple ID or the data, you can safely use.

This is available for all iPhone models and iOS version. Take it easy when your iPhone is water damaged, broken or dead because the update, because retrieve photos, contacts, notes and even Viber messages from deactivated iPhone is possible and pretty easy, but don’t forget to backup your iPhone.

Christmas Special for Data Recovery Software: Get $10 OFF!

Christmas 2014 is around the corner. This is a great opportunity to get great commodity with lower price.  So don’t miss this chance to buy some wonderful gifts for your friends and families as well as for yourself.

Good News:
To celebrate Christmas, Any Data Recovery is offering a big discount for all kinds of data recovery software: save $10 for every tool!

Promotion Date: Dec.18.2014 to Jan.15.2015

any data recovery christmas promotionWhy Data Recovery Software is a Great Gift for Christmas?
Here, you may have some doubts about why you should get data software as a Christmas gift, or is it worth to get software that you needn’t now? Personally I would say, most of our friend would much happy to receive creative gifts, and the software is creative enough, isn’t it? Secondly, data means a lot to us, especial photos and contacts, but we cannot ensure our data will keep safe always, so that you need data recovery software to rescue your lost or accidentally deleted files in first time.

This holiday, Any Data Recovery launches 12 kinds of featured software, every kind of software including Windows and Mac version. In the following, I will introduce some hot products for you.

iPhone Data Recovery
This is the hottest software on this website and also is the best iPhone data recovery software in the world. It can help you get back all iPhone files no matter how you lost it, support all iPhone models including iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S and compatible well with iOS 8.

There are 3 recovery modes in this tool: extract data from iTunes, iCloud backup and even from iPhone device. Then you can find that this program not only is a recovery tool but an iPhone data backup tool.

iPhone data recovery christmas discount

iTunes Data Recovery
This iTunes data recovery program actually works one part of iPhone data recovery – recover data from iTunes backup with lower price. Unlike the Apple tech, it won’t delete your iPhone data after restoring from iTunes.

iTunes data recovery christmas discount

iPad Data Recovery
It doesn’t matter if you lost data on iPad, this iPad data recovery program restore all the iPad data lost on accidentally deleted, jailbreak, factory restore etc.  It works for iPad Air 2/Air, iPad Mini 3/2, iPad 4, the New iPad and the iPad 2, iPad 1.

iPad data recovery christmas promotion

Android Data Recovery
First three are for the iOS device, however, if you have an Android phone (Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony etc.) then you shouldn’t miss this one. To recover data from Android phone, you can choose to connect phone to PC with USB cable or connect phone to computer via Wi-Fi that you can recover Android phone data even when phone cannot connected with PC.

android data recovery christmas promotion

Any Data Recovery Pro
This is an all-in-one tool for computer hard drive lost data recovery, photos recovery and card data recovery.

any data recovery christmas discount

Check out more Christmas promotions from Any Data Recovery from http://www.any-data-recovery.com/promotion/christmas.html

Twitter: @DataRecoveryiOS

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery Upgrade: Improve Backups and iMessages Features

Tenorshare is a global leader in iPhone data recovery field and it constantly upgrades the program to make it better than better.  Therefore, even when you update your iPhone to the latest iOS 8 and lost data, you still can recover lost iPhone photos, contacts, notes etc. with the help of Tenorshare iPhone data recovery. Moreover, you can regain more and more data types this year such as Tango, Viber data recovery. Now let’s see what features have been improved in this latest update.

tenorsahre iphone data recovery updates

iPhone 6 Data Recovery Windows and Mac
iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS Windows and Mac

Part 1: iCloud Backup Improvements

There’s no iCloud data on iOS 8 devices bug has been fixed.

Moreover, it also optimizes iCloud download speed which means you can restore data from iCloud backup much faster.

Part 2: iTunes Backup Improvements

You have synced iPhone with iTunes before lost data, however, you have deleted the iTunes backup files from your computer! No worries, Tenorshare iPhone data recovery are now supports to recover deleted iTunes backup files!

Besides, you also can add backup file exporting scanning for iTunes backup.

Part 3: iMessages Improvements

Tenorshare iPhone data recovery allows us to recover deleted iMessages from iPhone for a long time, yet, after the scanning all the lost iMessages will be listed in the Messages catalogue, which contain the SMS messages and iMessages that we have to spend some time to find out the iMessages.
And this feature has been improved from this update. Now, when the scan is over, still in the Messages catalogue, but the iMessages will be displayed as blue while the ordinary messages are displayed as green.  Now you can select the iMessages in a quick time as well as recover iPhone text messages fastly.

Other Improvements

* An “App Document” option has been added in the left menu.
* The trail version can view all information.

Tenorshare provides the free lifetime update for the Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery full version, Enjoy It >> http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/iphone-data-recovery.html

Tenorshare iPhone 5 Data Recovery Review (Including 5S/5C/5)

This morning, I wanted to find iPhone software on CNET download site, and I was glad to see that iPhone 5 data recovery, developed by Tenorshare Inc. is in the lists of the latest software reviews!

iphone 5 data recovery review

Tenorshare iPhone 5 data recovery review on CNET

Actually, I have been written a review for this iPhone 5 data recovery software a month ago. At that time, I just upgraded my iPhone 5S to the latest iOS 8 version but lost all the pictures, and I have neither backed up data to iTunes nor iCloud. Thanks to Tenorshare iPhone 5S data recovery tool, it helped me retrieve deleted photos from iPhone 5S without backup quickly. I am a lazy man, but I thought this software is worth for spending me a little time to give five stars for it. Moreover, this software is deserved CNET write a review. As we all know, CNET only write review for the great software, so I really, really happy to see this software has been given such an honor.

Below is the detailed review from CNET for Tenorshare iPhone 5 data recovery software:

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery enables you to recover data from your crashed iPhone 5. The app will allow you to use an iTunes backup or iCloud to recover the data that was on your phone.


Wide variety of files: Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery can recover your contacts, calendar, and a variety of other files, such as your photos and SMS messages.
Third-party data recovery: Tenoreshare has taken a great step by including WhatsApp data recovery. If you use WhatsApp as your primary messaging app, then this is a feature that you shouldn’t do without.


iTunes required: Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery won’t even launch if you don’t have iTunes installed on your computer.
Version specific: This recovery app states that it is specifically for iPhone 5. There are other data recovery programs available that can recover from any iPhone version.

Bottom Line

If you have any iPhone 5 version and iTunes installed, then this recovery program could be very useful. If you don’t use iTunes, you should look for another recovery app.

Editors’ note: This is a review of the trial version of Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery

If you are finding software to get back lost data on your iPhone 5S/5C/5 from iTunes backup, iCloud backup or without backup, then this software which highly recommended from CNET is the best choice for you: Download Tenorshare iPhone 5 Data Recovery on CNET

How to Restore iPhone Text Messages from iTunes Backup

iOS 8 update deleted text messages!
All my text messages are gone after I updated my iPhone 5s to iOS 8, how to get deleted text messages from iPhone? HELP!

When I read this question on Apple community, my first thought was: have you backed up your iPhone text messages with iTunes backup? In my opinion, backup file is the best way to get deleted texts back after an accidentally deleted, factory reset, iOS upgrade, jailbreak, especially when iPhone was water damaged won’t turn on, lost or stolen. There are 2 options for iPhone text message recovery from iTunes backup file:

 restore texts iphone.

Option 1: Restore Deleted Text Messages from iTunes Backup Back to iPhone

This way is provided by Apple, and it is very easy but after the restore, all the current data in your iPhone will be deleted.

Please follow these steps:
Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer.
Step 2: Open iTunes. Note: iTunes will prompt you to restore from backup if you have a new or erased iPhone.
Step 3: Control-click on your iPhone under DEVICES in the left menu.
Step 4: Select Restore From Backup…
Step 5: Choose the backup you wish to sync and click the Restore button.

Attention: After the restore, all the files on your current iPhone will be replaced by the iTunes backup files, if you do not want to rescue lost or deleted text messages but lose all the files on iPhone, Option 2 will be your another great choice.

Option 2: Extract iPhone Text Messages from iTunes Backup File

Any free iPhone data recovery program allows you to recover texts to computer if you want to keep the data on iPhone. It is much easier to follow video guide than text guide, then please watch this video to recover text messages on iPhone 6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS from iTunes backup.

Note: this video guide is recorded one year ago, and now any iPhone data recovery software also allows iPhone users to restore iPhone SMS messages from iCloud backup file. To get the latest guide, take a look at this pictures and written explanations: http://www.any-data-recovery.com/howtouse/iphone-5-4s-data-recovery.html

Video translation:
Three Simple steps to restore deleted texts:
1. Download, install and run iPhone data recovery program.
2. Switch to recovery mode of “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File”, check backup file and click “Start Scan”.
3. View or read texts, and then click “Recover” button to save text messages to computer.

How to Recover iPhone Text Messages without Backup

Moreover, if you have synced iPhone with iTunes after SMS was lost or deleted or you don’t have any iTunes backup, the text messages still can be recovered. Then how to do it? This tutorial will tell you how to recover iPhone text messages without backup

Lost Notes On iPhone? 2 Solutions Help to Recover Deleted or Lost Notes from iPhone

Long time ago, people like to make notes with notebook. As the development of mobile phone technology, note app on mobile phone replaces the traditional hand-write notes gradually. To iPhone users, notes app is so important that it records our notes and keeps reminders in the specified time. However, it’s not a reliable way, for it is easy to lost notes on iPhone, just as the question described on Yahoo! Answers.

I have an iPhone 5 and accidentally deleted some important notes from it. Unfortunately, forgot to sync before and there is no record of my notes on iTunes. Is there an easy way to get them back?

Have you ever deleted your important notes from iPhone by mistake as the iPhone user above, just lost your notes when syncing notes with iTunes backup, or it cannot work when get backup notes from iCloud etc. If so, follow the tips below to undelete iPhone notes. (You may also want to know: Get back deleted photos on iPhone 5S/5C/5 & Restore iPhone text messages from iTunes backup)

Only if you have backup your data with iCould or iTunes, can you recover any deleted data from iPhone in early time. But now, Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery (Click Here to Download ), an easy-to-use program that enables you to recover deleted files from iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, 3 GS or previous versions, both support recover data with iTunes backup or iCloud and directly recover from your iPhone.

iphone note recovery

1. Recover Deleted iPhone Notes using  iTunes Data Recovery

This solution is especially for those who cannot access iPhone as usually. You cannot read your notes in iPhone when you cannot access your iPhone. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery can recover notes from your iTunes backup, that is recover notes from iTunes, therefore, you must have synced your data with iTunes before.
Step One. Download and install iPhone Data Recovery on your computer, run it and select your backup file of your iPhone, click “Start Scan” to scan the lost files.
Step Two. After the scan, you can check and preview details of your iPhone notes,
Step Three. Highlight the “Notes” option and see if your lost ones are there. Then choose notes you want to recover and click “Recover” and select a path to save the lost notes.

2. Recover Deleted Notes from iPhone without Backup
If you haven’t backup iPhone files before, then you can recover notes from iOS device. Connect your iPhone to your computer. Launch iPhone Data Recovery, select the first mode “Recover Data from iOS Device”.

First, you need to enter DFU mode following 3 steps below to scan your iPhone
1. Hold your iPhone and click “Start” button.
2. Pressing “Power” and “Home” buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.
3. After 10 seconds, release “Power” button, but keep holding “Home” for another 10 seconds.
After that, the program will begin scanning your iPhone. Then the next step is as same as recover notes from iTunes backup.

Please Note:The data overwritten will decrease the recovery rate! Therefore, if you deleted notes accidentally, it is highly recommended to stop adding any new notes to your iPhone and try the way above right now!

iPhone Data Recovery without iTunes Backup-Options to Recover Your Personal Data from iPhone

On my iPhone 4S, I accidentally deleted some important contacts that I need so hardly. I am SO upset over this. The issue is that I haven’t synced the phone or backed it up on iTunes in a while… Is there ANY way to recover iphone data without backup? I am so devastated but there HAS to be a way!

If you are one of billions of iPhone fans, then you may probably encountered losing files on your iPhone for some reasons. Actually no notice is served prior to the situation when you lose your valuable files on your iPhone. So, experts always recommend back up all your personal data to a safe place to prevent from data loss situations. But either due to ignorance or hectic office schedule people generally forget to backup the things that really mean to them and pay the price at the end when their data gets lost. But, there is nothing to worry about this. To deal with such situations, iPhone data recovery software tool is available by using which they can easily retrieve their lost, formatted, deleted data from iPhone in a couple of mouse clicks. There are options to recover data from iPhone easily.

1. Free Data Recovery for iPhone from an iTunes Backup
2. iTunes Data Recovery from the Computer the Phone Synced to
3. iPhone Data Recovery without iTunes Backup by Using iPhone Data Recovery Software Tool

iPhone Data Recovery without iTunes Backup

Option 1. Free Data Recovery for iPhone from an iTunes Backup
With a previous backup file from iTunes, you can restore your lost, deleted or formatted data from iPhone easily. You have either ever actived an iCloud account or created a backup for your iPhone with iTunes, there must be definitely a previous backup file by which you can easily restore from. But without a backup, the best and only way is to count on 3rd party iPhone data recovery software tool.

Option 2. iTunes Data Recovery from the Computer the Phone Synced to
You may not know that whenever you sync you iPhone to iTunes on a computer, it will be a backup file automatically saved and updated along with your later sync. So, you can get your backed up personal data back when data loss happens. But, you cannot see the backup file or take out the content from it. For that reason, you need an iTunes data recovery software tool to extract the content on the iTunes backup file. It will scan the backup file and extract your lost files. So, find a good iTunes data recovery software to perform data recovery for iPhone.

Option 3. iPhone Data Recovery without iTunes Backup by Using iPhone Data Recovery Software Tool
What if you don’t have any backup on iTunes and haven’t synced your phone to iTunes yet, how to recover iPhone data without iTunes backup? Then your last shot is to use an iPhone Data Recovery software tool to recover personal data you lost or deleted directly from your iPhone. Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is one of recommendations from CNET.com. It will scan you iPhone deeply and find your lost files. It is very easy to use and you can operate it without any extra technical skills or computer knowledge. With the help of this program, you can perform any data recovery for iPhone without iTunes backup easily. You may give it a shot!

If you have also been through the iPhone data loss situation and have lost your personal data from iPhone then there is nothing to worry because the above iPhone data recovery options can help you get rid of data loss issues.

iTunes Data Recovery Software – Help You Recover iPhone, iPad and iPod Files

Have you ever experienced that you got your iPhone 4s, iPad mini or iPod Touch stolen, lost or broken badly? And you have so much stuff on the OS devices that you do not want to lose and you want to get them back. Or you might have do such thing. Your phone is fine but you just deleted some amazing photos, videos, important messages, contacts by mistake and you didn’t create any backup for your data or so. So, you are wondering is there any ways to undelete or recovere your personal data that you deleted or lost?

Have you ever heard of the concept that if you don’t have a backup made by iTunes or iCloud, there is no way to recover your lost or deleted personal data once deleted them off your iPhone, iPad or iPod or your iOS devices are lost, broken or stolen? Leave that concept alone! Even if you don’t have any backup for your files, you can get them back so long as you have synced them with iTunes on a computer.

First of all, it’s true that if you have made a backup for all your iPhone, iPad and iPod data on iTunes and iCloud, you are able to restore from the backup to get your files back after they are accidentally deleted or lost somehow. It works just like System Restore on your Windows OS or Time Machine for Mac OS X.

Unfortunately, there is little things you can do to retrieve your lost or deleted files without some specific recovery software if your have no backup for your important stuff.
iTunes Data RecoveryWhy is Possible for iTunes Data Recovery?
Actually, each time you sync the iPhone, iPod, iPad to iTunes, all the previous data will be backed up by iTunes automatically immediately and saved as (.sqlitedb) files on the computer. What’s more, those backup files will be updated along with the later sync automatically. So, do not connect your iOS devices to your computer after data loss. In terms of the backup files, they are different from ther other file types like word documents, excel files, the contents of the backup files can’t be viewed or exported. But there are still some tricks to extract the backup files. That’s what iTunes data recovery software is designed for, which use advanced algorithms to extract contents from the backup files and restore data from iPhone, iPad and iPod. Here are recommend you two iTunes data recovery software that works on Windows and Mac machines.

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery – for Windows Computer Users to Recover iPhone, iPad, iPod Data
Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery can recover pictures, text messages, call history, video memos, notes, calendars, even Safari bookmarks. It has 2 recovery modes designed to meet all data loss scenarios of your iPad, iPhone and iPod. The “Recover from iOS Device” mode lets you scan your iOS devices directly to find data deleted or lost somehow. The “Recover from iTunes Backup” mode can help you restore previous data by extracting iTunes backup in seconds.
iTunes data recoveryiTunes Data Recovery for Mac – for Mac Machine Users to Extract iPhone, iPad and iPod Data from iTunes Backup File
iTunes Data Recovery for Mac software enables to recover all iTunes files, including those synced from iPad, iPhone and iPod, extract all your backed-up photos, videos and music files and recover contacts and SMS messages, and recover non-media files like notes, calendars and call records. It is not necessary to have your iPad, iPhone or iPod connected to the computer to recover data because it simply finds the iTunes backup of your previously synced iOS devices and extracts it in a few mouse clicks.

You may choose the right iTunes data recovery software to recover data from iPhone, iPad and iPod with ease according to your own needs. Hope I help. If you have any problem about iTunes data recovery, you may leave a comment below, I will reply ASAP.

Latest Rumors for Apple iPhone 6

You want an iPhone 6? What do you want iPhone 6 look like? How much budget are you planning for an iPhone 6? An iPhone 6 can be genuinely better that iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 etc. but also chances that worse. So many people pay attentions to the iPhone 6 that there are some rumors about it. Here I tell you some opinions about these rumors.

About the Outside Look: Does iPhone 6 have a 4.8 inch Display?
Yesterday, a new report said Apple had a plan for a 4.8-inch iPhone ‘Math’ also called iPhone 6 but might this be a hint? According to some rumors, Apple is going to launch iPhone 5S in June or July and a cheaper new version iPhone-iPhone6 in September this year.

According to Commercial Times, Apple also intends launching iPhone 6 with a 4.8-inch display, which it claims is called the ‘iPhone Math’. It also mentioned that Apple is already booking components from suppliers for the iPhone 6.

What do you think about this news? iPhone 6 is also iPhone Math? How does it make sense? An iPhone mini or nano makes sense as a name for the new iPhone; as does an iPhone Pro, but what exactly is an iPhone Math? It makes no sense at all. What’s more, I can’t believe that Apple will release a new iPhone with as unattractive a name as “iPhone Math”.

About the 4.8-inch display rumor, some argues that Apple doesn’t usually follow what other firms do: even though larger screen smartphones are getting more and more popular, it doesn’t mean Apple will follow the trend.

If iPhone 6 upgrades to a 4.8-inch display, it requires developers to tweak their apps for the new screen size. That’s reason enough for us to negate the rumor.
iPhone 6 pReview LookiPhone 6’s Release Date: When will It Come Out Exactly?
As we all know, Apple only launchs a new iPhone once a year, so does iPad. It’s worth pointing out that no one had predicted the introduction of a new iPad alongside the launch of the iPad mini last year. iPad min came out just six months after the release of “the new iPad” earlier in 2012.

This implies that Apple has no problem speeding up the release schedule for its product no matter iPad or iPhone. So, it makes sense that the rumor said Apple would lauch an iPhone 5S in June or July and an iPhone 6 in September in 2013.

In the world of rumor, there is no truth. While it currently seems possible Apple might reveal an iPhone 5S this year, that possibility isn’t true until it actually reveals something.

Tip for Those Who Have an iPhone 5, 4S, 4 or 3GS: You May be Interested in
Are you already one of the billions of iPhone users? Do you enjoy your phone? Have you accidentally deleted some precious photos on your iPhone and being anxious to get them back? After the iOS update, maybe you lost important photos, contacts, text messages and have no backup before update, can you restrieve the missing items? Due to some reason you have to restore your iPhone into factory settings and all your contents were erased, any way to recover data from iPhone after factory restore?

Definitely, you can! iPhone data recovery fits your need to recover iPhone data you deleted or lost including photos, contacts, messages, call history, calendars, notes, and voice memos. It supports data recovery for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS.

Check out this tutorial for iPhone 6 data recovery.