How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone 5S, 5C, 5

The iPhone 5 series (Including iPhone 5/5S/5C) is a big progress in iPhone development history, however, although most people admit iPhone 5 is the best phone in the world at the moment, some imperfect use still exits. For example, iPhone doesn’t allow inserting the storage card to increase the capacity like Android phone that we have to delete some files to free store space.

Most deleted or accidentally deleted files are not so important for iPhone users, except one type of data, that’s photo. Photos usually records the happy and memorable moment in our daily life and it is easily to be deleted by mistake when we are sort out the pictures. Such things have happened on me last year that few photos of my commencement were lost which acted me regretted very much. Then is there any way to get deleted pictures back on iPhone 5?

recover deleted photos from iphone 5s 5c 5

The fact is, yes, yes there are some ways for iPhone 5 photo recovery, but your photos cannot be guaranteed got back 100%. It’s not just about the difficulty of technology. I will explain it in the following:

First, if you have backed up those lost iPhone photos with iTunes or iCloud, and haven’t backup iPhone since the photos were lost, then your iPhone photos could be restored back to iPhone completely.

Second, if you forgot to backup, it is still possible to retrieve pictures, yet please note that if the store space of deleted photo is covered by the new files, you can’t get this photo back forever, which is not the problem of technology as I said above.

After learning these, now we need to learn how to retrieve deleted photos on iPhone 5.

BTW, if you want to recover deleted photos from iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, please check out this guide

1. Restore iPhone 5 Photos from iTunes and iCloud Backup

Backed up on iTunes? Check out this Apple tech:
Backed up on iCloud? Take a look at

2. Recover iPhone 5 Pictures without Backup

I’m pretty certain to tell you iPhone data recovery software is the only option to recover 5 photos without backup, no need to waste time to search other ways. And Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery is highly recommended for you. You are able to get back all the deleted photos easily and quickly with the help of this tool, of course, your photos should still didn’t been overwritten. Besides, this program also allows recovering iPhone photos from iTunes and iCloud backup which is better than the Apple tech. The Apple instruction will guide you to restore backup files to iPhone and it would delete all the current files on iPhone at the same time that you may get back the lost photos but lose the current photos. This thing wouldn’t happen if you use iPhone photo recovery app because all of the recovered photos will be saved on your computer. Feel free to download and use it ASAP, the sooner use it, the more files undelete.

Still doubts about Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery? This guy has shared his happiness on Twitter after successfully retrieve deleted photos from iPhone 5, what are you waiting for?

Update (Oct 28st – 8:30AM)
Good News! If you have installed iOS 8 on your iPhone 5S/5C/5, then you can find the deleted photos from the “Recently Deleted” folder and undelete them within 30 days. If your photos have been deleted for over 30 days or lost caused by the factory restore, wiped, iOS 8 upgrade, iPhone is water damaged, broken, stolen etc.  Please try the above ways to regain iPhone 5 photos ASAP!

  1. I lost ALL my photos since I updated my iPhone 5s to iOS 8.1, is it possible to get my photos back?

  2. Yay me! I figured it out and recovered some photos to my
    laptop, but I was wondering how I can find the photos in
    my WhatsApp and Facebook? As I notice there’s different
    photo categories on the scanning results.

    • Hi, rabbitrun.

      Glad to help!

      WhatsApp photos can be found in the “Other Photo” catalog after the scan.

      And I’m sorry that Facebook photos are not supported now. And it should be updated to the Tenorshare iPhone data recovery in the further, please stay tune.

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