How to Recover iPhone Data from Recovery Mode

When it is not the first time your iPhone got stuck in recovery mode, you may feel panic because you know that all the data in iPhone are likely to lose after getting out of recovery mode.  At this time, the idea of backing up iPhone data in recovery mode should sprang up in most people’s mind. Well, I regret to tell you that it’s impossible.

But don’t give up, saving the data from the iPhone which gone into recovery mode unintentionally, you have two great choices:

Choice 1: Use Reiboot, the free tool helps to get iPhone out of recovery mode without data loss.

Reiboot is designed to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode as well as put iPhone into recovery, fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo, reboot loop, white logo. This program is super easy to use. There are just two buttons on this program: “Enter Recovery Mode” and “Exit Recovery Mode” (See the photo below)
reiboot to fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode
And of course, to get out of recovery mode, just click “Exit Recovery Mode” button and wait the iPhone back to normal.  Keep in mind that, don’t disconnect your iPhone before the process is done, or it would failed.

This tool won’t do any bad for the iPhone data and 100% sure that all the data still exit in iPhone.

Choice 2: Use iPhone Data Recovery tool to recover iPhone data lost on recovery mode.

If this is the first time your iPhone stuck in recovery mode, you probably don’t know your data would lose, and you don’t know the Reiboot tool, then you have to try the data recovery tool to do remediation.

The recovery process is simple and streamlined. Just free download the iPhone data recovery for Windows or Mac, then scan your iPhone (Supports all the iPhones including iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS) to find your lost data.

This tool provides three ways to recover iPhone data after stuck on recovery mode. The former two methods are iTunes, iCloud, and the last method is from iPhone directly.  All of the three ways are extremely easy to navigate through the lost photos, text messages, contacts, notes, call history etc. and find the exact ones you wish to restore. Read More!

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