How to fix iTunes error 0x80090326 on Windows XP

“When logging on to iTunes on Windows XP, I got the following message ‘An unknown error occurred (error 0x80090326)’. Which means that I can’t buy content, watch purchased movies and TV shows, play DRM-protected content, backup, update or sync on my computer anymore? Does anyone know how to fix it?”

Windows XP users can open the iTunes program, but can’t login in to achieve more services, such as stream anything from the iTunes Store includes movies you haven’t downloaded. Users are mainly reporting they get a message about “error 0x80090326” . Restarting the Windows XP cannot t fix the problem, neither does upgrading to another version of the iTunes program.


Many users try to troubleshoot their machines, but it is thought that Apple changed something to do with the secure connection and did not compatible with Windows XP.

Try installing and reinstalling iTunes, Windows XP review and repair, repair of QuickTime and iTunes, uninstalling anti-virus, turned off firewall. But if nothing works at last. You have nothing to do but change your computer.

A cheaper, but better idea is just to ditch Windows XP. Operating system upgrades are theoretically possible as long as your hardware supports it. You can try to upgrade your computer to the Windows 7 which has not too many requirements on hardware supports, and then you can ignore the iTunes error 0x80090326 on your computer.

We don’t have a good idea to fix iTunes error 0x80090326 on Windows XP, However, these alternative methods can definitely help you, another computer or same computer with high version of Windows system. Or you can login in iTunes store directly use your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

The Best Way to Fix iPhone 6 Plus Stuck in Recovery Mode

When you using iPhone 6 Plus, sometimes you maybe encounter situations that require you to put your iPhone 6 Plus to Recovery Mode to solve problems. But you will sadly find that you may be stuck in the recovery mode if you just updated to new iOS system or the battery life is lower. When you meet the trouble of “Stuck in Recovery Mood’, how can you fix iPhone 6 Plus stuck in recovery mode?

The reasons why your iPhone 6 Plus stuck in recovery mode:

1. You intentionally activated recovery mode to solve a problem
2. You’re trying to jailbreak your iPhone 6 Plus and it all went terribly wrong
3. You were simply trying to update to the latest iOS software
But don’t worry, you can use Reiboot to help you fix iPhone 6 Plus stuck in recovery mode loop with just one click, and you don’t need to worry about any data loss. What’s more, the tool is totally free.

How to use Reiboot to fix iPhone 6 Plus stuck in recovery mode?

1. Download Reiboot first, then plug your iPhone 6 Plus that stuck in recovery mod ,the “Exit Recovery Mode” button will be activated when the connection is successfully built.
2. Click on the button and wait for a moment to fix the recovery mode issue. Then your iPhone will reboot signifying that iPhone 6 Plus is out of recovery mode.

get out of recovery mode from iphone 6 plus

You also can use Reiboot to get out of recovery mode even when your iPhone/iPad/iPod encountered reboot failure, such as getting stuck with Apple logo, black screen, iTunes logo and so on.

Be careful when you have to enter recovery mode, or to make things worse. Hope can give you help to get out of recovery mode from iPhone! Maybe you have the interest to know how to recover lost text messages/contacts from iPhone 6 Plus .



Top 3 Free iTunes Data Recovery Software

There are a variety of reasons that cause data loss on your iOS devices, user error involving accidental deletions, physical damage, a jailbreak went wrong, new iOS upgrade and various other reasons. Have you lost or deleted or erased important data from iPhone/iPad/iPod? Don’t worry, if your have synced your iDevice to iTunes, you still can recover those data with an iTunes Data Recovery Software.

Here we list you top 3 free iTunes data recovery software that are very popular in this field.

1. Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery

Developer: Tenorshare, Inc.

Tenorshare iTunes Data Recovery Software is an iPhone Backup Extractor with free trial version that can help you recover lost or deleted messages(WhatsApp messages, Viber messages, Tango messages included), notes, contacts, photos, videos, voice memos and other types of data from iTunes backup.(Tips: the paid version only sales $39.95)

Key Features:

  • Totally free trial for a limited time.
  • Automatically load and import iTunes backup files on your computer.
  • Scan and preview 19 types of files from iTunes backup file of iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  • Recover lost data selectively after iOS jailbreak, upgrade or factory settings.
  • User-friendly interface, simple operations & fast data recovery.

2. iPubsoft iTunes Data Recovery

Developer: iPubsoft, Inc.

iPubsoft iTunes Data Recovery offers you an easy way to recover lost/deleted iPhone photos, videos, notes and other kinds of files under the premise that you have an iTunes backup files of your iPhone on the computer. This software also has a free trial version, but the paid version sales $69.95.

Key Features:

  • Recover up to 12 types of files for iPhone.
  • Get back lost data caused by various reasons
  • Support iOS 9 and the latest iPhone 6/6S.
  • Versatile file preview, file search and file filter options.

3. iStonsoft iTunes Data Recovery

Developer: iStonsoft, Inc.

iStonsoft iTunes Data Recovery is able to recover contacts, SMS, call history, voice memos, photos and more as long as you synced your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with iTunes before. You also can get a free trial version, but the price of paid version is same as iPubsoft iTunes Data Recovery.

Key Features:

  • Support to recover 11 File Types.
  • Work for almost all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • Retrieve data lost after jailbreak, iOS upgrade, factory setting.
  • Simply within 3 steps to recover whatever you thought it would lost forever.

How to Fix iTunes Download Error Tap to Retry

There are some iPhone users complained that when they try to download songs, movies from iTunes on iPhone, they got a message like “Download Error. Tap to retry” pop-up on the iTunes. When we meet this situation, we feel confused because there is no other abnormal problem on our iPhone. So how this happen and how to fix iTunes download error tap to retry.

What cause iTunes download error

  1. Lack of internal storage.
  2. Slow network or lost connection with the internet.
  3. Blocked by Firewalls.

Methods to solve iTunes download error on iPhone 6s/6/5s/5

Method 1: Check the iPhone’s memory. You may need to check your available memory on your iPhone first, make usre that there is enough space for new content.

Method 2: Check the iPhone’s network. Make sure that your iPhone is connected with available WiFi, or try to reconnect the Internet.

Method 3: Check the iPhone’s Firewalls. Check if there are any third-party antivirus software block your iTunes’s download, suggest you to turn off all your antivirus software before download songs or movies on iTunes.

Method 4: If the steps above cannot fix iTunes download error “tap to retry”, you may need to download the content on PC. First, connect iPhone to your computer, launch iTunes, go to “purchased” under “store”, select the “Available Downloads” and download the medias you have purchased to your iPhone.
Note: please make sure that the iTunes on your computer has updated to the newest version.

Now the iTunes download error of “Tap to Retry” on your iPhone is fixed with these 4 methods.

How to Recover Lost Contacts on iPhone 6

“Oh, my iPhone 6 contacts lost! Is there a way to recover my iPhone 6 on iTunes or anywhere on my computer?”
“I forgot to backup iPhone 6 and lose contacts, who can help me? And how to recover my lost contacts on iPhone 6.“
iPhone 6 Data Recovery Software is the most professional tool to recover lost iPhone data(contacts, messages, photos, notes, call history ect.). Even if you lost iPhone 6 contacrs after iOS 9 upgrade or iOS 9 update failing, you can retrieve them in 3 recovery ways:

Way 1. Recover lost iPhone 6 contacts directly from iPhone without backup.
Way 2. Restore lost iPhone 6 contacts from iTunes backup.
Way 3. Retrieve lost iPhone 6 from iCloud backup.

Now, I will introduce the guide of the 3 ways step-by-step:

Way 1. Recover lost iPhone 6 contacts directly from iPhone without backup

If you lost contacts after mistakenly deletion, you can try this way.
Step 1: Connect your iPhone 6 to PC. Download iPhone 6 Data Recovery Software on your computer and connect iPhone 6 to this computer via a USB cable.
Step 2: Scan your iPhone 6 for the lost contacts.
Step 3: Preview and recover lost contacts and other data you need. After scanning, all the contacts on your iPhone 6 are listed.
Step 4: Select the contacts you need to recover and click “Recover”.

Way 2. Restore lost iPhone 6 contacts from iTunes backup

If your iPhone 6 not overwritten, you can select this way.
Step 1: Selected “Recover Data from iTunes Backup File” and click “Start Scan” to start iTunes backup extracting.
Step 2: Preview and retrieve lost contacts. After a while, you can see all the data backed up .Select the contacts you need, then click “Recover”.
Step 3: Save recovered contacts.

Way 3. Retrieve lost iPhone 6 from iCloud backup

If your contacts have been backed up with your iPhone iCloud, you can try this way.
Step 1: Select iCoud recovery mode and log into iCloud.
Step 2: Scan iCloud backup. Select your backup contacts and click “Next” to download contacts backup.
Step 3: Preview and recover contacts from iCloud backup.

Now, you have known about how to recover deleted iPhone 6 contacts. If you want to know more about other data recovery software, you can click this homepage.

How to Erase iPhone Data Before Selling

Whenever a new iPhone is released, there will be many apple fans prepared to sell the old iPhone and then buy a new one. Then a problem came out: Selling the old iPhone may make their own mobile phone personal information leakage. This is very unsafe! Then, how to erase iPhone data before selling?

In fact, you must need to do some important things before selling your iPhone:

1. Back up your iPhone.
2. Remove your photos from Camera Roll.
3. Turn iMessage off. Open the Settings app > Messages > iMessage > switch to off.
4. Turn FaceTime off. Open the Settings app > FaceTime > switch to off.
5. Disable your iCloud account. Open the Settings app > iCloud > tap “Sign Out.”
6. Log out of Apple ID. Open the Settings app >App and iTunes Stores > tap Apple ID and sign out.
7. Restore to factory settings. Open the Settings app > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
8. Unregister your device at
9. Call your carrier and ask them to disassociate the device from your account.

Then, you can try Tenorshare Free care pro to help you permanently delete messages, apps, contacts, photos, etc. from iPhone. And the guide is here:

Step 1: Download Tenorshare Free care pro on your PC, connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. When Free iPhone Care detects your device. You can select: Quick Clean and Deep Clean.
Tips: Deep Clean could scan deeper and delete more junk files, and need longer time.

how to erase iphone data before selling

Step 2: Select the categories you are to delete, or Free iPhone Care will scan all categories by default.
Tips: If you don’t want to clean others, turn off those options.
Step 3: After scanning, you can click “Clean Now” to clean all the scanned items.

Hope the way to clean up iPhone data can help you! However, some of iPhone users often worry about lost iPhone data, here, suggest you can try Tenorshare iPhone data recovery Free to recover lost iPhone contacts, sms, photos, call history, notes and more.

How to Fix “iTunes Cannot Read Contents of the iPhone” Issue

Dear all,
When I try to connect my iPhone 5C with computer and the iTunes pop up a message like “iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone ‘iPhone 5C’, Go to the summary tab in iPhone preferences and click Restore this iPhone to factory setting.”.
please advice how to resolve this issue.

How to fix iTunes cannot read iPhone contents

To fix the issue that iTunes cannot read contents of iPhone, you may need to reinstall your iTunes first, because sometimes that issue is caused by iTunes program error, so you’d better to reinstall the latest iTunes on your computer and try to connect iTunes again.

If the simple method above doesn’t work, then you can try to delete one song and turn off/on your iPhone, also try to connect with iTunes and see if it does work.

If it is really very unfortunate and the iTunes still cannot read contents of your iPhone, I am sorry to tell you that it is time to restore your iPhone to factory settings. Just click “OK” button when the error message “iTunes cannot read contents of the iPhone” pops out and wait. Or tap “Setting”>>“General”>>“Reset” >>“Erase all contents and settings” to restore your iPhone.

But note that factory settings will erase all data on your iPhone, but don’t worry, with an iPhone Data Recovery Software from Tenorshare, you can recover the lost data directly from iPhone, and you also can fix the problem of iTunes cannot read your iPhone contents, which is excellent.

The methods above are very simple, but if you want to know some more complex and effective methods, you can read this article: How to Fix iTunes can’t read my iPhone

How to Retrieve Deleted Viber Messages on Android

In recent years, we start to pay more and more attention to the viber function, because it began to gradually replace the two big of mobile phone functions: sms and phone calls. Where there is network, where you can use viber. Therefore, we worry about that one day our Android viber messages will be lost as well as mistakenly delete/lost messages or contacts from Android.In fact, you don’t have to so much worry, this article will tell you how to retrieve deleted viber messages on android.

Android Data Recovery is the professional tool to recover lost photos, contacts, music, videos, text messages, WhatsApp, viber messages and more from Android.

How to use Android Data Recovery to retrieve deleted viber messages on android?

Follow the below 7 steps, your lost Android viber messages will quickly come back:
Step 1: Download Android Data Recovery on your PC.
Step 2: Connect your Android phone via a USB cable.
Step 3: Find your device and “Connect” until pop up the follow picture, then click “OK”.

how to retrieve deleted viber messages on android

Step 4: Enable USB Debugging
The next window will ask you to enable USB debugging. Don’t know how to do it? Click “How to enable USB debugging”, and a window with guide will pop up. This step is a bit complicated. Click here, you will know more details.
Step 5: After your device is detected, start “Scanning”

 lost viber messages from android

Step 6: Preview files on Android Device
Step 7: Recover and save the files on your PC

In this step, your lost viber messages from android are returned. If you lost viber messages from iPhone, you also can recover them with iPhone data recover software. Hope you can have a nice experience!

How to Fix iPhone Not Charging When Plugged In

Fix iPhone Not Charging When Plugged InThere are some iPhone users found that their iPhone won’t charge when plugged into the wall or computer. Why did it happen? It can be caused by three parts: the wall adapter, the USB cable or the charging port on iPhone. So we try to fix iPhone won’t charge problem from these three parts.

Four Steps To Fix An iPhone Won’t Charge

1. Check Whether It is Just A Software Crash

This is a very common situation cause your iPhone won’t charge when plugged in, because it is the software recognizes your iPhone whether connected to power, when the iPhone software crashed, it can’t respond your charging signal. And how to fix it? Just hard reset your iPhone by holding the power button and home button together for about 30 seconds, and the device will be rebooted, your iPhone will be charged in.

2. Check your USB Cable

If you find that it is not a software crash problem, you need to check your USB cable: Apple’s lightning cable(iPhone 5S and newer) or 30-pin dock connector cable(iPhone 4S and older). If you see the obvious wear and tear on the USB cable, you might need a new USB cable, and make sure that the new USB cable is authorized by Apple, that is very important.

Fix iPhone Not Charging problem

3. Check your Power Source

If your power is not stable, iPhone software will prevent your iPhone from charging as a protective measure. So, when you find that the two steps above is not a problem, you need to check whether your power source is stable or not. Otherwise, you may need to find a stable power supply.

4. Check the Charging Port on your iPhone

If you find some lint or gunk in the charging port of your iPhone, the reason why your iPhone won’t charge is the cable can’t connect to your iPhone. So you need to blush it out.

After several steps above, I think you can fix the problem of iPhone not charging when plugged in. Hope it can help you.