How to Unlock iTunes Backup Password on iPhone 7

When someone makes a backup of its iPhone 7, she/he does not ever want others access to this backup. Accordingly, it may be worthwhile if you encrypt iTunes backups. Thanks to password protection to access the backup, no one can get your data including contacts, location data, calendar and other sensitive information.

As in the other case, it is now that previous backups remain encrypted. All iPhone 7 backups on iTunes are unencrypted. If you no longer have access to old backups since you may have forgotten the password, fortunately you can remedy with a software here:

The software is Tenorshare iPhone Backup Unlocker and it can be downloaded here. Download the software and install it. Once you do that, you can start it and perform the following steps to decrypt your encrypted backup:


1. Launch the software and click “Add”. Now looking from your encrypted file.
2. Then select one of the Attack Types, it is used to crack the password.
3. Now you just have to click “Start” and wait a few minutes until you have their password.


1. How to encrypt the backups of your iPhone 7:

1. Open iTunes on your computer or Mac.
2. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac.
3. Under Device should now show up your iPhone 7. Click on it in order to open your phone.
4. Now click Overview. Navigate from here on Options and select the box from “iPhone backup encrypt”.
5. Now you must enter a password twice.
6. Now click “Set Password.”
That’s it. From now on all your backups on iTunes are encrypted.

2. How to decrypt your iPhone 7 backup password:

1. Launch the iTunes on your Mac or PC.
2. Reconnect your iPhone 7 with computer. It should be automatically detected and loaded.
3. Select your iPhone. Now opens an overview of the entire contents.
4. Navigate from here to the point options, here you make simply uncheck “iPhone encrypt backup” back away.
5. Now you have to delete the set password to confirm. For this purpose give it a simple and confirm that you no longer encrypt iTunes backup password.
6. Click “Confirm”.
Now you have decrypted for iPhone 7 backups.

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