How to Turn A YouTube Video into A GIF

Many people love to watch YouTube videos. Making a GIF from a YouTube video is a great way to share emotion with friends. GIFs are an integral part of communicating on social media. We can turn short scenes from popular TV shows, movies and videos into GIFs to express how we feel. In this blog, I’m going to introduce the top one application to turn YouTube into GIF.


Best Free Tool to Convert YouTube Video to GIF

There are various kinds of applications and websites allow you to turn a YouTube video into a GIF. Among them, CutoMe can be regarded as the best free GIF maker. This small tool can help you to convert YouTube videos and other type’s videos to GIF flawlessly that completely saves the original picture quality. More importantly, you can make a GIF just by a few clicks, which is much quicker and easier than other methods.


Key Features:

  1. Cut any video clip as you want. You can also trim large bunch of movies, videos and camera recordings into small piece files.
  2. The cut and trimmed videos export with the same quality as original videos.
  3. Support Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp video output format.
  4. Support Gif image output file format.


How to Convert YouTube to GIF with CutoMe

Adoreshare CutoMe is a free small tool that allows you to cut videos just by two buttons. It’s quick and easy to converter YouTube videos to GIFs with this this application. And this procedure won’t cause any damage to GIF picture quality. Download and install this awesome tool – Adoreshare CutoMe on your Windows or Mac computer to see how it works.


Step 1. Import a YouTube Video to the program

The program will be opened automatically after installation. Click “Open File” button or just drag video file to the program.

Step 2. Cut the video as you want and.

After loading the video completely, you can preview it within the program. You can use the two cut buttons to drag and drop to cut the video.

Step 3. Output the video as GIF format.

Set the output mode to “Gif” and click “CUTTER” button, your video will be trimmed to GIF automatically.


This blog has shown you the best free tool to cut YouTube videos to GIFs. It is amazing than you can image. If you like it, please do share it with your friends. Thanks for your trust and support!

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