How to Free up Storage Space on iPhone SE/6s Plus/6s

Your iPhone SE/6s Plus/6s is losing the disk space sometimes, and the lack of space will cause a lot of inconvenience. Here are some tips to quickly free up space to ensure a better utilization of storage on your iPhone SE/6s Plus/6s.

Backup Photos

Photos often occupy a large amount of space on your iPhone SE/6s Plus/6s. Imagine you are about to take beautiful photos, but the warning appears and says “not enough storage available,” then you should be forced to remove something to keep your photograph. It’s really boring, is not it?

To get out of this trouble, simply backup your iPhone photo and then delete them from your iPhone every two weeks. iCareFone can help you save your precious memory on the computer with ease. This method will release several GB of disk space.

Remove and reinstall the applications to free up space

As applications we use, they never cease to produce unnecessary files. And these useless data is stored within the applications. That is why you need to find the applications slow down day by day.

To determine which apps occupy more disk space, go to Settings> General> Usage> Manage Storage. You can see a long list of applications. You can remove applications that with fat storage, then reinstall them.

You should know that your historical conversations and game scores will be lost after resettlement.

Remove unnecessary iPhone apps

Do not let these unwanted applications eat up storage space on your iPhone. Take a minute to check the rarely used applications, but occupying a large amount of space, and then delete them.

Open the application settings, then go to General> Usage> Manage Storage. Tap the app and click Delete App.

Remove videos and podcasts

Usually you do not watch videos and podcasts that have already seen. So because of the limited storage space of the iPhone, you may need to remove videos and podcasts to free up storage space after seeing them.

You can go to Settings> General> Usage> Manage storage> Videos. Tap the “Edit” button in the upper left corner of the browser, then tap the “Delete” button for the video you want to delete. The instructions of the removal are similar to podcasts.

Disable Photo Stream

It is not necessary to save your photos for the umpteenth time unless you want to automatically synchronize your precious photos as a souvenir. Moreover, you know that pictures always eat your storage space.

To turn off Photo Stream, go to Settings> Photos & Camera> disable My photo stream.

Clear cookies and data

Although cookies and data is smaller than photos, you can also delete them to gain more space.

Go to Settings> Safari> Clear Cookies and Data.

After all the methods above, if your iPhone SE/6s Plus/6s is still running out of data, you can go to Tenorshare and ask for help.

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