How to Fix Sony VAIO Assist Button Black Screen Issue

I am trying to rebuild my VAIO VPCEE2E1E laptop. So while it is switched off I press the Assist button, the computer starts up and you see the VAIO screen then it goes black, you then see a flicker and it goes black again and just sits there with the power on. How do I get it to work?

The ASSIST button is used to perform regular maintenance of your VAIO computer or to solve problems you might encounter when using the computer. While the computer is on, the ASSIST button starts VAIO Care. While the computer is off, the ASSIST button starts VAIO Care Rescue. There has however been complaints with using the button. Some users say that the Assist button does not work and a black screenappears even when the laptop is on.

Five Ways to Fix VAIO Assist Button Not WorkingPress the Sony VAIO Assist Button

If your PC won’t boot up, VAIO Care walks you through a data rescue and recovery process step by step. If you can still open Windows you can open VAIO Care manually. If you’re trying to recover VAIO back to factory settings just simply turn on your computer and press the F10 key several times before the VAIO logo disappears. If the Edit Boot Options window is displayed, press the Enter key. Select Start recovery wizard. To perform the custom recovery, select Tools instead of Start recovery wizard and click Start advanced recovery wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions.

1. Check the Power

You should start by checking if the AC Power adapter is properly connected to the computer. You should also check if the wall outlet is properly connected. Use AC power if possible and in case you are using a battery, make sure that the battery pack is fully charged.

2. Standby Mode

It is possible that the computer has gone into standby mode. Just press any key to activate the display and remove the VAIO black screen. The monitor should flicker or light up. If your monitor still is not showing display you should at least see lights on the computer to show that it is awake. If no lights are on just push the power button and wait for the computer to turn on completely.

3. Brightness Settings

The alteration in brightness could be causing the black screen. Ensure that it is not turned all the way down. Turn it up by pressing the Function Key (fn) and F5 at the same time. Use the right arrow key to increase the brightness.

4. External Hardware

If the brightness did not change and the black screen on the VAIO is still there, the solution could be to check if you have an external monitor or devices connected. Check your display by pressing the function and F7 keys to cycle between the video output modes. Remove any external devices such as mouse, keyboard, USB devices, display monitor, docking station and any PC cards.

5. Use Windows Boot Genius

If you tried all the above tips and your VAIO computer won’t boot and has a black screen, use Windows Boot Genius to fix all your Windows Booting problems. You can use Windows Boot Genius to fix the black screen, cannot boot issues effectively.



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