How to fix iTunes error 0x80090326 on Windows XP

“When logging on to iTunes on Windows XP, I got the following message ‘An unknown error occurred (error 0x80090326)’. Which means that I can’t buy content, watch purchased movies and TV shows, play DRM-protected content, backup, update or sync on my computer anymore? Does anyone know how to fix it?”

Windows XP users can open the iTunes program, but can’t login in to achieve more services, such as stream anything from the iTunes Store includes movies you haven’t downloaded. Users are mainly reporting they get a message about “error 0x80090326” . Restarting the Windows XP cannot t fix the problem, neither does upgrading to another version of the iTunes program.


Many users try to troubleshoot their machines, but it is thought that Apple changed something to do with the secure connection and did not compatible with Windows XP.

Try installing and reinstalling iTunes, Windows XP review and repair, repair of QuickTime and iTunes, uninstalling anti-virus, turned off firewall. But if nothing works at last. You have nothing to do but change your computer.

A cheaper, but better idea is just to ditch Windows XP. Operating system upgrades are theoretically possible as long as your hardware supports it. You can try to upgrade your computer to the Windows 7 which has not too many requirements on hardware supports, and then you can ignore the iTunes error 0x80090326 on your computer.

We don’t have a good idea to fix iTunes error 0x80090326 on Windows XP, However, these alternative methods can definitely help you, another computer or same computer with high version of Windows system. Or you can login in iTunes store directly use your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

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