How to Fix iTunes Download Error Tap to Retry

There are some iPhone users complained that when they try to download songs, movies from iTunes on iPhone, they got a message like “Download Error. Tap to retry” pop-up on the iTunes. When we meet this situation, we feel confused because there is no other abnormal problem on our iPhone. So how this happen and how to fix iTunes download error tap to retry.

What cause iTunes download error

  1. Lack of internal storage.
  2. Slow network or lost connection with the internet.
  3. Blocked by Firewalls.

Methods to solve iTunes download error on iPhone 6s/6/5s/5

Method 1: Check the iPhone’s memory. You may need to check your available memory on your iPhone first, make usre that there is enough space for new content.

Method 2: Check the iPhone’s network. Make sure that your iPhone is connected with available WiFi, or try to reconnect the Internet.

Method 3: Check the iPhone’s Firewalls. Check if there are any third-party antivirus software block your iTunes’s download, suggest you to turn off all your antivirus software before download songs or movies on iTunes.

Method 4: If the steps above cannot fix iTunes download error “tap to retry”, you may need to download the content on PC. First, connect iPhone to your computer, launch iTunes, go to “purchased” under “store”, select the “Available Downloads” and download the medias you have purchased to your iPhone.
Note: please make sure that the iTunes on your computer has updated to the newest version.

Now the iTunes download error of “Tap to Retry” on your iPhone is fixed with these 4 methods.

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