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The Best Way to Fix iPhone 6 Plus Stuck in Recovery Mode

When you using iPhone 6 Plus, sometimes you maybe encounter situations that require you to put your iPhone 6 Plus to Recovery Mode to solve problems. But you will sadly find that you may be stuck in the recovery mode if you just updated to new iOS system or the battery life is lower. When you meet the trouble of “Stuck in Recovery Mood’, how can you fix iPhone 6 Plus stuck in recovery mode?

The reasons why your iPhone 6 Plus stuck in recovery mode:

1. You intentionally activated recovery mode to solve a problem
2. You’re trying to jailbreak your iPhone 6 Plus and it all went terribly wrong
3. You were simply trying to update to the latest iOS software
But don’t worry, you can use Reiboot to help you fix iPhone 6 Plus stuck in recovery mode loop with just one click, and you don’t need to worry about any data loss. What’s more, the tool is totally free.

How to use Reiboot to fix iPhone 6 Plus stuck in recovery mode?

1. Download Reiboot first, then plug your iPhone 6 Plus that stuck in recovery mod ,the “Exit Recovery Mode” button will be activated when the connection is successfully built.
2. Click on the button and wait for a moment to fix the recovery mode issue. Then your iPhone will reboot signifying that iPhone 6 Plus is out of recovery mode.

get out of recovery mode from iphone 6 plus

You also can use Reiboot to get out of recovery mode even when your iPhone/iPad/iPod encountered reboot failure, such as getting stuck with Apple logo, black screen, iTunes logo and so on.

Be careful when you have to enter recovery mode, or to make things worse. Hope can give you help to get out of recovery mode from iPhone! Maybe you have the interest to know how to recover lost text messages/contacts from iPhone 6 Plus .